Custom Full Build Desire Stickless

$ 209.98

Simple Break Down. Please contact and we will work with you or if you have any questions.

Case with art and your layout

PCB Options
Brook PS4+        $49.99   works with PS4/PC
Brook Wireless   $69.99   work with PS4/PC
Brook Universal   $100.00   works with XBOX/PS4/PC/SWITCH and more
Zero Delay PC     $15.00    PC/PS3

All Japan Made Sanwa $45
All Generic Made in China Buttons $25

Usb Connections
Neutrik with USB cables $10

Wiring $15
Labor $40


If you need custom art built from scratch can contract Eternal Rival Here
If you have art we have templates available here
if you like any of the Eternal Rival Art, it is free with the full build.

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