Eternal Rival - High Tier PLUS DUAL Case - 18in Wide Fightstick and Stickless Enclosure Korean Levers, Japanese Levers, Snap-in or Screw On

$ 79.99

No buttons, no pcb, no wires, no joystick included.

Common Case Questions

Outer Panel
Is what you see on the outside.

Inner Panel
Is what you see when you open it up the trim around the top and bottom panels.

Add panel weight?
Add extra 1-2lbs but adding an extra top and bottom middle panel. It makes the case heavier and taller. A panel is about 2-3mm thick

Custom Layout
Please contact us to see if it's possible. Custom Cuts are free.

How To:

Wire the stickless with the 20 pin and stickless cable. For the joystick directly connect to the screw terminal.

What's Needed

This is a list that we recommend. There's different styles and ways to wire the pcb to the buttons and joystick. The recommended list is the EASIEST way.


Compatible with Screw-on and Snap-in

Original Stickless

x11 24mm - Action (Top)
x1 30mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)

Shioken Star Stickless

x3 24mm - Action (Top)
x9 30mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)


How to

Kit with board and cables

Full cable kit with Brook Board - Just need buttons and or Joystick

List of Items needed

Brook Board


Long cable to console


Add-On - If needed

What's Included

  1. Joystick mounting screws
  2. everything needed to build the enclosure
  3. PCB stands included (not included for Mid tier enclosure)


Width -18in
length - 8in
height - 2.25in - 2.5in
Weight - 3-4 lbs - nothing inside - can go up to 6lbs - with everything inside plus extra weight panels

Side Walls -2 Layer
Fightstick & Stickless - Top - 3 panels
Fightstick & Stickless - Bottom - 2 Panels Can be upgraded to 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matthew Miller
Awesome Hybrid Build

As a fickle person, and a someone who gets bored easily. I wanted to put together a hybrid so that I could play both button style and stick style layouts and swap between rounds. Not only was this Eternal rival case flawless to put together but it looks awesome and I have received a ton of compliments. Thank you for the awesome project. This was my second eternal rival case and I will be back when its time for 3,4,5,6,.... :)

Quality product and customer service experience

Over all, I quite like the enclosure. I have a few dislikes with it functionally if I'm being perfectly honest; it was a little tedious to put together, and it's not really a flawless sort of "fit and finish" on some things about it. as well as, and maybe this is my own fault for not being prepared for this, but swapping parts out on the fly is pretty much a no go, that's a sit down project for an hour or two on it's own. but for the most part, those things are over shadowed by the things I do like. Also, the customer service was literally flawless. He went out of his way to reach out to me to clarify some choices I made about the build to make sure it was right as well as re cut panels for me because of MY mistake in not making a note of a unique design choice I wanted. I would recommend Eternal Rivals enclosures to anyone who is looking for a niche design choice for their controller, they will make it happen and work with you to get exactly what you need out of your enclosure.

Andre robinson

Eternal Rival - High Tier PLUS DUAL Case - 18in Wide Fightstick and Stickless Enclosure Korean Levers, Japanese Levers, Snap-in or Screw On

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