Hightier and Midtier Fighstick Top Plate Replacement

$ 12
Case Type:

This listing is for the top plate for a fightstick.

If you want to change the color of your top of  your existing case this would be it.

If you want to add art (upgrade in options) you would need a clear top.

If you are looking to change the top entirely you would need this panel and the mounting plate.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Amazing

After a mishap (stick got accidentally knocked off of a tall table by someone at a local tournament and hit a concrete floor), the top plexi of my stick cracked. I ordered a replacement, but I accidentally selected the wrong choice. The owner contacted me, let me know about the order mistake, and sent me the correct one instead.
After those interactions and experiencing the top-notch quality and great durability of their products, I will only get my high-end sticks from Eternal Rival.

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