Eternal Rival S-Rank Stickless Mini

$ 49.99


Width - 10.7in
length - 7.75
height - 2.25in

Side Walls - Single
Top and bottom panel - 3 Layers

Buttons Needed

Snap-in and Screw-On buttons compatible

Original HB

UP Button
1x  30mm Buttons

Everything Else - Includes action, directional, and utility
17x  24mm Buttons

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It's almost perfect!

First of all, I love the quality of the build. it is VERY sturdy. I couldn't ask for more. The size is also perfect. It's big enough to accomodate my hands, but small enough to be concise with the functionalities it needs.

However, points for improvement could be it's squeakiness - I've alreayd tried screwing it several times, but there just seems to be a loose fitting part. Perhaps copying BnB case's corner teeth could be good? The inner layers also seem to block the auxiliary button wires (start, select, etc). Perhaps more space could be good.

That said though, the case is almost perfect. The print is perfect. The thickness is perfect. Looking forward to the next iteration of this case!

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