Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Stickless Kit or Dual Layout

$ 92.99 USD

*For Dual Layout you will need the 5pin joystick wire (not included, usually comes with your joystick) to connect to the blue screw terminal

-Brook official fightstick cable
-Brook Official Stickless Cable
-Brook PS4 Audio+
-Screw Mounts for USB Breakout (Passthrough included with -PCB no inner USB cables needed)



The Brook Fighting Board  PCB supports PS3 and PS4 arcade, sticks.
Compatible with: PS4 / PS3 / PC / SWITCH
Support play PS4 Games on PS5!
Support Brook UFB-UP5!


20220112 firmware update (V1.9)
- Support Brook UFB-UP5
PS4+Audio Fighting Board is supported by UFB-UP5 to play PS5 games on it!


  • Audio Support (PS4)
  • Two Analog Sticks Support
  • No 8 minutes timeout issue (PS4)
  • X-Input Support (PC)
  • Console Auto Detection
  • Support two SOCD modes
    Left + Right=Neutral、”Up priority” in all Up + Down = Up
    Second-Input Priority,Left + Right=Right、Right + Left = Left
  • Multi-Console Support
  • Turbo Support
  • Effortless Installation
    Screw terminal block fore easy connections
  • Firmware Upgradable via USB

*Brook provides two kinds of SOCD cleaner mode which is conform with international competition standards, such as EVO, CPT etc.
Even though we still suggest you to follow and check the latest rules of every competition. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Reviews

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Great bundle!

Nice and simple way to wire up your brook board without needing to cut wires. Just plug the stuff in! Did have one issue when I tested in MvC3, the RB and X buttons were mixed up but I thought I had followed the color diagram properly (it is possible I messed up since I'm R/G colorblind, but it was a simple fix. Thanks so much for selling this bundle, made the process of making my first board nice and easy.

Get your wires and PCB

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