Eternal Rival - Aegis Fightstick Enclosure- Anodized Aluminum Top Laser Engrave Case - Vewlix and Noir

$ 89.99

Do to the nature of the aluminum panel, placing snap-in buttons may break the tabs on brittle style snap-in buttons (such as METALLIC sanwa/quanba snap in buttons), The aluminum may also shave some plastic off the tabs and body. You will need to use good force to push in the snapin buttons as well. But once the button is in the slot it will be secured tightly. For removal I recommend the snap-out device.


Outer and Inner Plexi?  (for High Tier Style Case)

Each side of the case comes in two layers of 3mm plexi glass. The outer cosmetic layer and the inner structured layer.  The inner structured is exposed via the edge and the underside of the lip.  

New! Bottom Spacer Panel!
Add another layer to the bottom of the enclosure to increase the weight as well as the sturdiness of the case! Increases the height of the by .18in.

Highly Recommend - Screw on style Buttons!

Aircraft grade Anodized Aluminium Top

  • Gloss Black – A slick finish that looks very classy. Prone to fingerprints though.  
  • Gloss Blue – A slick finish that looks very classy. Prone to fingerprints though.  
  • Gloss Red – A slick finish that looks very classy. Prone to fingerprints though.  
  • Matte Black- A flat black finish that is durable and finger print resistant.   
  • Gloss White – A slick finish that looks very classy. Cannot see finger prints.  
  • Clear – See through 

What’s included

  • A panel with mounting holes for Brook PCB/ENCODER  
  • PCB/ENCODER mounting hardware that work with Brook fighting boards. (M3)  
  • Black Hardware for black cases, Silver for everything else  
  • All the necessary hardware  
  • Panels to assemble the fightstick  
  • Eternal Rival Neutruk Support

Aegis vs Aegis S Rank Plus

Comparison Table Aegis
Aegis S Rank Plus
Top Panels
1 Layer 3
Structural Pillars 4-6 7
Colored Plexi
1-2 1
Bottom Panel 2-3 2-3

Engraving How to

Engraving how to

We have template to for engraving. There's two areas of engraving underneath the buttons and to the left of the joystick. You can download the templates on our download page.

Buttons and Joystick

Works with Snap in and Screw on buttons. 

Highly Recommend - Screw on style buttons!


  • 6 - 24mm Buttons
  • 8 – 30mm Button

  • Can use any joystick with a flat bracket. IL not supported.



      Dimension - 15.25in x 8in

      Side walls - 2 Layers
      Top Layers - 2 Layers, 1 Aluminum Panel
      Bottom Layer -2 Layers can be upgraded to 3


      Mid tier vs High Tier

      Comparison Table  Mid Tier Style Case
      High Tier Style Case
      Side Walls 1 Layer 2 Layers
      Structural Pillars 4 6
      Colored Plexi
      1 2





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