Full Working Stickless All Buttons Fightstick - PS4, XBOX, SWITCH, and More

$ 109.99
Outer Plexi:

Do not have time to build one? You are in luck we will be more than happy to build something for you. All you must do is pick the parts, the colors, and we will build it for you.

What am I getting?

You will be getting a working fightstick or stickless that is built by Eternal Rival. USB cables included.

How long will it take?

Depending how busty it is may take 1-3 weeks


Outer and Inner Plexi?

Each side of the case comes in two layers of 3mm plexi glass. The outer cosmetic layer and the inner structured layer. The inner structured is exposed via the edge and the underside of the lip.

The Materials

  • Gloss Black – A slick finish that looks very classy. Prone to fingerprints though.
  • Matte Black- A flat black finish that is durable and finger print resistant. 
  • Gloss White – A slick finish that looks very classy. Cannot see finger prints.
  • Clear – See through
  • MDF – Slick Fibrous board.

Utility Button Layout

There is 3 utility mounting holes on the left and right panels of the case. Images showing utility buttons on the front panel is outdated. Neutrik mounting holes are off centered on the front panel.


  • Dimension - 15.25inx8in~x3in~ (Comes in different Height)


  • 17 - 24mm Buttons
  • 1 – 30mm Button

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