Special Sale! FREE KeyCon Full Build. Save $40

$ 239.99
Button Layout:

Simple Break Down. Please contact and we will work with you or if you have any questions. May take 1-2 weeks to build

Keycon now flushed with top panel.

Case with art and your layout

Key Con Free! - $40 dollar value.
Can be swapped out for a Sanwa Joystick.

PCB Options
Brook PS4+        $49.99   works with PS4/PC
Brook Wireless   $69.99   work with PS4/PC
Brook Universal   $100.00   works with XBOX/PS4/PC/SWITCH and more

All Japan Made Sanwa $40
All Chinese Buttons $20

Usb Connections
Neutrik with USB cables $10

Wiring $15
Labor $40

If you want to purchase the KeyCon separately you can buy it here...https://www.etsy.com/listing/713218569/keycon



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