Mini Lust Full Build Plug and Play Acrylic Fightstick

$ 189.99
Joystick and Buttons:

Made to Order.

If there's any other button layout you'll like we can accommodate.

Buttons, Joysticks, PCB and Wiring not Included. Only the enclosure.

Be Sure to pick up the Lever Mounting Screws and PCB Screws here

After the purchase, you can email the artwork to -

Full Builds are made to order. Depending on workload it may take up to a week or two to be shipped.

Eternal Rival Artwork has no text.

Download artwork template here

NEW Dimensions - 10.3" x 6.5" x 2.97"
Weight - Between 2-3lbs
Material - Clear Acrylic with aluminium and stainless steel hardware.

6 - 30mm Buttons
4 - 24mm Buttons
Neutrick Converter
All Cables
Artwork if you want.
PCB of your choice

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