WASD Cherry MX all Plywood Enclosure

$ 39.99
Enclosure Top:

Plywood Case 

The plywood case is made up of 2 layers of plywood for the top and bottom and 1 layer of plywood on the sides. 

Top materials 

  • Gloss Black – A slick finish that looks very classy. Prone to fingerprints though.  
  • Matte Black- A flat black finish that is durable and finger print resistant.   
  • Gloss White – A slick finish that looks very classy. Cannot see finger prints.  
  • Plywood – Top is just an unfinished cut plywood piece 
  • Plywood with plexi – Top is plywood with a 1/16th inch clear plexi 
  • Clear Plexit With art – Top is clear plexi with an additional print. 

What am I getting?  

You will be getting a disassembled fightstick/stickless that you will need to put together. Included will be a one in all general instructions guide almost similar to IKEA. No glue is needed. Just need a phillips screwdriver.  

What’s included:  

  • A panel with mounting holes for Brook PCB/ENCODER  
  • PCB/ENCODER mounting hardware that work with Brook fighting boards. (M3)  
  • Black Hardware for black cases, Silver for everything else  
  • All the necessary hardware  
  • Panels to assemble the fightstick  


The Eternal Rival PCB allows you to bring the keyboard to your fightstick.  The pcb has a joystick connector that can be easily plugged into the Brook 20 pin harness, or standalone joystick connector. The pcb also allows you to hot swap switches, so there’s no need to solder, and if you don’t like the switches you are using, you can easily swap them out.  The WASD  PCB is compatible with Cherry MX switches or similar style


There is no artwork print for this listing. You will be getting a colored top Plexi of your choice. If you want artwork in the future, we have a listing where you can buy the clear acrylic top and artwork. 

Button Compatibility  

Snap in and screw on buttons are compatible with this case.  

Utility Button Layout 

There is 3 utility mounting holes on the left and right panels of the case. Images showing utility buttons on the front panel is outdated. Neutrik mounting holes are off centered on the front panel. 


  • Dimension - 15.25inx8in~x3in~ (Comes in different Height)

Buttons Needed  

  • x6 - 24mm Utility Buttons
  • X8 - 30mm – Action Buttons
  • X4 - Cherry mx Switches or similar
  • Key Caps for the Keyboard Switches

Laundry list of parts for a working fightstick for this case. (This is just a baseline list)  Arcadeshock.com sells kits with everything you need.  

  • BROOK PCB of your choice  
  • 20pin cable - https://tinyurl.com/20pinharness  
  • TP/R3/L3 cable -  https://tinyurl.com/L3R3TPHARNESS  
  • Neutrik - Link (Brook PS4+ Audio and Brook Wireless doesn’t not require a neutrik, but you will need to get screws to mount its port since Brook does not provide it)  
  • Short printer cable (PCB to the Neutrik)  
  • Long Printer cable (Neutrik to Console)  
  • Don’t forget the Buttons

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