Acrylic Ply DIY Top Fight Stickless Enclosure

$ 47.99
Buttons, Joysticks, PCB and Wiring not Included. Only the enclosure.

Dimensions - 15" x 7.11" x 2.5"
Weight -  Between 2-3lbs
Material - High Quality Hobby Craftwood and Acrylic, aluminum and steel hardware

x17 - 24mm
x1 - 30mm

Joystick Compatibility:

PCB Mounting holes for: (Mounting Standoff screw not included..will need M3 FLAT HEAD and  nut plus standoff. Or however you want to mount it)
Brooks PS4+
Brooks Universal Fighting Board

USB Hole
Neutrik NAUSB-W-B Reversible USB Genderchanger (Type A and B)

Eternal Rival Wooden Classic Collection

Eternal Rival Budget Cases are here! This case is constructed with High Quality Graded Hobby Craft Plywood with a WHITE acrylic top. The plywood can be sanded down clear coated, spray painted, painted, drill more button holes(?), vinyl art etc list can go on with what you do to customize it! Comes with all the hardware needed to construct plus an IKEA style instruction sheet. It's very easy to build, once you build one you pretty much mastered it. The thing is solid you'll be amazed with the engineering. If you want the total D.I.Y expereince we have a full Plywood Case and a lesser price!

Tips: You can use fine sand paper to clean up the minor burn stains around the buttons and edge if you like.

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