Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


Currently 1 main person. (Processing orders, social media, customer support, oversee the business) If I'm slow to reply I maybe at my day job, or working on orders.

There are other people behind the scenes but they have other task not related to processing orders.

Southern California

Sorry, no local pickup.

Yes we still do on our Tee Spring store.

Art Work

Regular ink jet printer that uses 8 ink cartridges.

Though we recommend CMYK art. RGB print is possible (web art).

We use high quality brand name semi gloss paper.

Yes we cut it base on your order. We use lasers to cut the the paper. So there maybe light smoke stains on the edges.

On our store the cases that don't have artwork included has an option to provide a clear top instead of a color top. Now you can add your own art!

The artwork is sandwiched between the top two panels. If you want to replace the art you'll need to disconnect and remove the buttons and joystick. 

Same goes for the bottom and sides.

Yes it is possible. We are looking to add a separate listing in the future. Just contact us and we'll provide what you need. The art on all sides for high tier cases are on the art template page.

You can use GIMP which is a freeware software similar to photoshop.

You can also upload gimp files.

If you have an image you want to use and do not want to use the software, we can do it for you for free. CROPPING ONLY.

We don't do design work.

Please contact us, we will gladly take down any review images down.

Common Questions

Yes we can do custom layout. It is best upload what you like in our contact page. And we will get back to you.


Sorry, we do not have the option available. 

High Tier cases provide more support pillars (6 vs 4), and an additional side panel layer (2 vs 1).

Both cases are the same size.

At the bottom of the option select on each product you can view the enclosure specs. It is broken into tab categories for easy reading.

Not at the moment. I don't have time to fulfill custom orders at the moment. In the future we will sell prebuilt full builds to buy.

Please contact us and ask.

General Enclosure Questions

The Brook board allows up to 6 utility buttons. And 5 on the zero pi.

Home Share Start ( on the 20pin)

L3/R3/TP (separate cable)

If you don't want six buttons we can customize it the enclosure for you. (High tier and mid tier only)

If you need panels you don't see, please ping us. At the moment just a one man operation.

Enclosure screws are:

*6-32 1/2in long

*#6 nuts and washers

Brook PCB




Just the plastic panels and hardware (screws, nuts, etc).

Depending on the case PCB hardware is free upon selection.

Joystick screws are included for fighsticks.

Cables, PCB, Neutrik Devices, Joystick buttons are NOT INCLUDED!

Made out of acrylic (plexiglass). Its totally like plastic.

Panels are around 1/8th in thick (3mm).

With that the case is layered on all sides and held with screws to be thicker.

The case foundation is made up of twl layers on each side panel. The outer is the shell and the inner is the inside of the case (which will seen when you open the case), it is also also exposed under the top and above the bottom layer lips.

One side is gloss the other is matte. We will cut it so that it will show on the side you selected. So if you selected full matte black, all exposed areas will be matte black.

High Tier and Mid Tier Enclosures

It's not needed. But if you like it a bit heavier then I recommend it. I think for sticklers it's not needed, since its just a button box. Unless you really want that weight.


Any joystick with a flat bracket. We will try to accommodate any joystick.

We don't support IL joysticks because the case is to light for it. If you were to play on a IL joystick on the table the force pushing the joystick may lift the whole case. Hence most IL fighsticks are heavy such as X-arcade and MAS sticks.

Usually Japanese joystick the connector needs to be facing away from the main buttons when mounting. The 20 pin JLF connector is to short to reach the connector to where the pcb mount is. So you'll need a JLF extension cable.

If you didn't get the extension cable the joystick does come with its own 5 pin JLF wiring that doesn't directly connect to the 20 pin connector but directly to the screw terminal on the board.

There is a video on youtube to modify the connector on the Sanwa joystick to be closer to the PCB without needing the extension cable.

Yes, we will cut the panels to fit your joystick. In the options please provide your joystick type.

Yes our enclosure can hide the collar, or slightly hide. We provide spacers for free with your joystick to make it happen.

All fightstick enclosures have mounting kits for the joystick

Depends on your playing habits. If you feel like you plan to use a K Lever and J lever in the future it is a good investment. The upgrade will have a 35mm joystick hole, which maybe a bit large for the J lever washer. But you can get larger washers. but it's not necessary.

Mini Enclosures

During R&D we felt like 4 is sufficient to fit everything since it is already a super tight fit.

Since the ground wire is shared it is best to formulate a plan that best optimize the ground daisy chain to reach each quick disconnect. 

If you are using the l3/r3/tp cable you'll be only using one connector. I would just tie it down, or cut it off. If you plan to cut it off I recommend testing it first before you do.

If you feel like you don't need l3/r3/tp cable that is fine. You'll just need to cap the 4th button.

My Order

Check the homepage to see what order number we are processing. Orders usually take 5-10 Days depending how busy it is.

Most likely you'll need to peel the masking tape off the panels.

Most likely I forgot to put it in. Just contact us and we'll send you replacements without a fuss.

PCB (encoders)

Our cases are fitted for Brook Boards.

Brook Universal

Brook Wireless

Brook PS4+

Brook PS4+ with audio

Brook Zero Pi

Brook Xbox

If you have a Zero Delay PCB or any PCB that is not from Brooks. You will need to buy adhesive stands to mount it to the the enclosures.

Our cases do come with mounting hardware for the pcb. 

Screw size is M3.

Push Buttons

Snap-in Buttons, and Screw-on Buttons are compatible.

For some reason the metallic Sanwa 24mm Snap-in don't fit actual 24mm holes. You may need to sand down the parts that are protruding on the side of the buttons. I would test it first to see what needs to be sand down. 

Rocker Switches

Depending on your needs the rocker switch can be handy. You can wire it to have certain buttons turn on and off, you can turn on and off and led, switch between joystick and stickless for dual mounts etc.

But mostly rocker switches are mainly used to access the Brook boards DP/RS/LS (Directional PAD, Right Stick, Left Stick). Which can also be selected by doing certain inputs on your controller.

It's a nice to have but it is optional.

First off rocker switches uses a different quick disconnect than the ones on the 20pin connector and buttons. So you'll need to get wires that already have the connection or you'll need to crimp the connector yourself.

The buttons and connectors use .110 quick disconnects and the rockers switches need .187 quick disconnects. 

You can buy wires with connectors on focus attack. You can also buy the switch with the wires as well on the same website.

For example let's say you have an S Rank Enclosure and you want to turn off the top Aux buttons so you don't accidentally press the buttons during game play.

The best way to explain it is that you'll need a separate ground daisy chain circuit that is connected to the buttons that you want on/off that lead to the rocker switch connector. then from the rocker switch another ground wire that leads to the pcb.

The rocker switch will complete the ground or break the ground connection. Making the buttons to be disabled when turned off. You can be creative with the 3 switch rocker and turn on the left aux buttons or right aux buttons or have both on in neutral.

Disclaimer: This is possible with the 20 pin but you'll need to do modifications. The 20pin is tie strapped into groups of button groups on its' own daisy chain ground circuit. 

S-Rank Enclosures

The countersink buttons only fit major brand name buttons - SANWA, SEIMITSU, CROWN, Gamer finger. Most likely the generic buttons on Amazon won't fit.

If you do have brand name buttons, you'll need to mount the buttons in the mounting panel first the layer the panels on top of it after.


Yes we do, to certain countries. If your country is not listed please ping us.

Due to lost shipments from abroad we are selective of what countries we ship to.

Are not liable for lost packages shipped out of the United State. It's up to buyer to retrieve the lost package. We will try to help with any information needed.

Buy is responsible for all customs fee.

We do not accept returns for international orders.

Our pricing is base off our service. We don't have any control on pricing.

The Innards

The Neutrik NA-USB is a device that allows a disconnection point from the case to the console. Which is used to mount to the enclosures

You will need a short printer cable (usb A to B) to connect the brook to this device.

And a longer printer cable to connect to your console.

Before installing you will need flip the connectors by unscrewing the device on the back and flipping it to the front.

Available upon request. During checkout leave a note that you want a hole for the antenna.

If you don't want a hole you can get a third party mount that has a antenna holder attachment, or you can electrical tape it down in the case.

All enclosures come with free Neutrik Surround and Support. (Most likely in black)


No. We rely on the brook board to clean the inputs. But most modern games have socd programmed into the game. Just the order ones don't. But we highly recommend using our WASD with a brook board. I'm not sure if our product works with socd cleaners... If anyone knows please ping us.

Can it buy it on aliexpress

But if you can find it sold domestically probably quickest way.

We may carry some in the near future.

The WASD PCB was designed for brook boards. So the the directions may not follow what the Zero Delay coder is deisgned for. 

To get the proper inputs with zero delay encoder, you'll need to modify the joystick connector so that the correct input is connected to the correct input on the encoder. 

On the pcb the connectors are labeled for easy reads.