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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Art Work

Regular ink jet printer that uses 8 ink cartridges.

Though we recommend CMYK art. RGB print is possible (web art).

Common Questions

Yes we can do custom layout. It is best upload what you like in our contact page. And we will get back to you.


Sorry, we do not have the option available. 


Any joystick with a flat bracket. We will try to accommodate any joystick.

We don't support IL joysticks because the case is to light for it. If you were to play on a IL joystick on the table the force pushing the joystick may lift the whole case. Hence most IL fighsticks are heavy such as X-arcade and MAS sticks.

PCB (encoders)

Our cases are fitted for Brook Boards.

Brook Universal

Brook Wireless

Brook PS4+

Brook PS4+ with audio

Brook Zero Pi

Brook Xbox

If you have a Zero Delay PCB or any PCB that is not from Brooks. You will need to buy adhesive stands to mount it to the the enclosures.

Our cases do come with mounting hardware for the pcb. 

Screw size is M3.

The Innards

The Neutrik NA-USB is a device that allows a disconnection point from the case to the console. Which is used to mount to the enclosures

You will need a short printer cable (usb A to B) to connect the brook to this device.

And a longer printer cable to connect to your console.

Before installing you will need flip the connectors by unscrewing the device on the back and flipping it to the front.

Available upon request. During checkout leave a note that you want a hole for the antenna.

If you don't want a hole you can get a third party mount that has a antenna holder attachment, or you can electrical tape it down in the case.