Be unique. Stand out. Make a Masterpiece.

The Eternal Rival Enclosures allow you to use your artwork on 5 sides of the case. We will print on high quality brand name photo paper and laser cut your art to fit in our enclosures. As an added bonus the artwork services are included in the price.

No more modding hassles.
Can't fit Myoungshin Fanta Joystick in your commercial stick? Have extra throw away parts? You can stop all that, and start with a clean slate. Pick and use your hardware to match your gaming style and look.

Show off your internal cable management

If 5 sides of art wasn't enough, you can now show off your modding skills as well. The Malice and Desire case comes standard with a solid clear Plexi Base. You can add on other enhancing modifications or show your cable management porn.

The combination of MDF, Acrylic, and steel hardware are used to create sturdy show piece enclosures. The Eternal Rival will be the talk of the room.

D.I.Y Experience
Eternal Rival Enclosures are engineered for simple installation and comes with an IKEA style instruction sheet. Once you assemble one unit you pretty much mastered the enclosure build.

Start Designing
We provide templates for you to start designing Click Here.

Enclosure Collection

Choose between 3 styles of fightstick enclosures. We also provide a design service.

Apparel Collection

Our t-shirt designs are on sale at our TeeSpring shop. We have the classics and the fan favorites dating back from 2011. If you are looking for high quality tees, standard tees, hoodies, or different color shirts, TeeSpring got you covered.