Printed Top Artwork for Any case- Fighstick | Stickless | Keyboard Style

$ 10.00 USD


Listing is recommended for owners of cases that purchase a case without art.***


Want to replace existing art they have for their case.

Artwork is printed on brand name semi gloss photo paper and laser cut with precision to fit on top of your case.

Templates at


If you knowingly violate copyright by printing copyrighted photos for personal use, you are liable to pay damages to the copyright owner. If the image is registered with the copyright office you may be required to pay statutory damages and all attorney fees. By ordering from Eternal Rival and accepting our Terms of Service you accept responsibility for ensuring you have proper permission and license to reproduce the image. Sometimes it is as easy as simply asking! Many photo studios, or artist will hand you a release to copy the prints you buy if you ask for it, and if you purchase hi-res files from your photographer or artist they will likely also include a release. Some places may want to charge extra for this or they may not allow it at all, preferring to have you order all copies and products directly through them.

We value your privacy we now do not share on our social accounts or keep or archive or reproduce. If it is for personal use, it is best to keep it as personal use. Share at your discretion. In good faith we trust you the customer to have approve permission, or licensed artwork once uploaded as well as following copyright and infringment laws. We also have the right to deny any print if we feel it violates anyones rights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kris Q
My art looks crisp and clean!

Thanks for the artwork. It's brought my mid-tier stickless mini to a whole new level. You guys are great and I look forward to making another project with y'all in the future!


I love the quality of the print and the quality of the material used.

Robert Moffett
Perfect photoshop/editing

I sent a high resolution image that I really wanted, and later realized won’t work with the dimensions that well, or so I thought. ER was able to fit it without any hard warping or indications that it was even edited in the first place. I will be purchasing again when I make my third fight stick, and would recommend ER to anyone considering it.

Alex Thierbach

Very well done. As a piece of advice, make sure to do install the artwork in a room without much dust as it will get caught between the artwork/plexiglass. This isn't the fault of eternal rival at all, but important to remember.

The art looks great and fits the cutouts exactly.

Brandon Martini

Very pleased with the artwork, even came with a second one that I wasn't aware I was getting!

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