Adafruit USB C Passthrough Fightstick or WASD kit: Brook Board, Cables, and Adafruit USB C Passthrough Kit

$ 114.98 USD

All in one kit to get your fighstick to works with Japanese style stick with 5 pin connector.

x1 - PCB Board of your Choice

x1 -  Brook Fighting Cables - 20pin and L3/R3/TK

x1 - 1.5ft USB cable (Brook to Neutrik Pass through)

x1 - 6ft USB C cable (Adafruit Pass through to console)

x1 - Adafruit USB C through with Screws and Nuts

x1 -  JLF Joystick to 20pin Connector Extension - NO LONGER INCLUDED - Brook JLF Joystick wire is long enough on the 20pin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Max Garfinkel
Fantastic experience

First time building a fightstick. The customer service is unbelievably good. Came out fantastic and would 1000000% order from here again.

Eric Tsui

Works just as expected!

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