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Eternal Rival. Who are we?

Back in 2011 after the resurgence after the "dark ages" of fighting games we created a t-shirt company with very little money.  We started with 5 designs and grew to over 50+.

We were featured on IGN as t-shirt of the day.

Started a Fighting Game Team of So-Cal players such as Tatsunical, Richard Nguyen, AndyOCR, and Warahk

As time passed in 2016 the creator decided to venture off into other successful online ventures and learning the ropes that is 3rd party sites sucha asAmazon, eBay, Etsy, and studied online marketing and social media strategy. Even further more in that time span was able to get married and start a family of his own.

Fast forward 2018, thanks to the mini console phenomena, bartop arcades, home arcades and Nintendo's scarce marketing, the creator decided to get a raspbery pi to tinker and study. Which led to his first custom fightstick. Hence from there came up with an idea to create fight stick enclosures.

After months of prototyping and working with LASERS Eternal Rival is where they are today rebuilding a brand that was once was.

Our team consist of :

Graphic Web Designer with over 10 years design experience in the tech space, published advertisements in Gaming Magazines such as PC Gamer and Maximum PC, and international branding awareness.

Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years experience in the automotive and biotech field.

Web Marketing and Social Media Guru - 100% review rating over 3 major 3rd party with over 10,000 products sold.