About Us

The story of Eternal Rival.

I just wanted a cool fighting game t-shirt. One that I could wear that didn't read FOREVER ALONE slapped on my forehead. So I designed my first shirt, the family man shirt, and it was glorious. From there I decided to submit it to splitreason.com and no one liked it because it wasn't something from Legend of Zelda. Disappointed from that I decided to look for fighting game shirts to wear myself, the search lead me to find some "decent" shirts but at hefty prices, and it kind infuriated me. So from there that's when I decided to create Eternal Rival. I planned out the steps to open an eStore, quit my first job, invested in 5 designs at 25qty per with my own money. At that time I didn't know the FGC existed till 2 weeks after I opened the store. Thanks to my friends I was able to get my shirt on stream and my store exploded, thanks to AndyOCR one of the former members of Team Eternal Rival. From 5 design it grew over 20 and I introduced hats and even grew a small fan base. There were a lot of ups and downs owning a T-Shirt business with exposure, competition using scare tactics, hate emails, and no internal team support because Eternal Rival is ran by 1 person, myself, but I weather the storm and grew thick skin and became more well rounded dealing with BS.  Eternal Rival is not my full time  gig for me but a hobby as of now.  But my goal ultimately is to design cool fighting game shirts that is wearable and at a fair price and also to have customers/fans to be happy with the product I put out.

Thanks for all the support...I hope I can do this for another 5 years without burning out.