Neutrik Passthrough Stickless Kit or Dual Layout: Brook Board, Cables, and Neutrik Passthrough Kit

$ 63.99 USD $ 66.23 USD

All in one kit to get your stickless working.

*For Dual Layout you will need the 5pin joystick wire (not included, usually comes with your joystick) to connect to the blue screw terminal

x1 - PCB Board of your Choice

x1 -  Brook Fighting Cables - 20pin and L3/R3/TK

x1 - Stickless Cable Brook "Hitbox" Cable

x1 - 1.5ft USB A/B cable (Brook to Neutrik Pass through)

x1 - 6ft USB A/B cable (Neutrik Pass through to console)

x1 - 1 Nickel Neutrik Pass through with Screws

x1 -  Neutrik Rubber Boot (Either Black and white)

x1 - Eternal Rival Acrylic Neutrik Support

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Awesome case and first build

They responded to alot of my questions, case is solid quality for acrylic, and I had a ton of fun with this little project!

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