Eternal Rival Stickless Mini

$ 39.99

The Materials 

  • Gloss Black – A slick finish that looks very classy. Prone to fingerprints though.
  • Matte Black- A flat black finish that is durable and finger print resistant.
  • Gloss White – A slick finish that looks very classy. Cannot see finger prints.
  • Clear – See through


Available in options


Enclosure cannot be customized due to the tightness of the configuration. We will not make any customs to this case.

What am I getting? 

You will be getting a disassembled fightstick/stickless that you will need to put together. Included will be a one in all general instructions guide almost similar to IKEA. No glue is needed. Just need a phillips screwdriver. 

What’s included: 

  • A panel with mounting holes for Brook PCB/ENCODER
  • PCB/ENCODER mounting hardware that work with Brook fighting boards. (M3)
  • Black Hardware for black cases, Silver for everything else
  • All the necessary hardware
  • Panels to assemble the fightstick
  • 1.5ft USB B to USB A cable.

Button Compatibility 

Snap in and screw on buttons are compatible with this case. 

Buttons Needed 

  • 1 - 30mm
  • 15 – 24mm


10.6”x6.75”x2.0~” (we provide different heights)

Utility Button Layout

There is 2 utility button holes on the front panel and side right side panel. The 4 buttons are for Start/Share/TouchKey/Home. We recommend Sanwa snap-ins for utility buttons.

Laundry list of parts for a working fightstick for this case. (This is just a baseline list) 

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