Eternal Rival Stickless Mini - Snap-in and screw-on compatible

$ 39.99

Buttons Needed

Screw-on and Snap-in Compatible
recommended Snap in for the side buttons.

15x - 24mm 

4 Utility buttons is for PS, Share, Start, Touch Key.

1x -30mm


Width -10.6in
Length -
Height- 2.25in-2.50in

Side walls - 1 layer
Top and Bottom Panels - 2 Layers

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jonathan Walker
Very, very happy

I bought mine a couple weeks ago and I am more than happy.

He even drilled a hole for my Brooks Wireless Board.

All in all very good service, and very good quality (especially for the price!)

Would def. recommend!

P.S: Take the 1,75 inch one if you’re not a cable management master - otherwise you’ll might have a hard time with the available space

Thomas White
Awesome little hit box from Eternal Rival!

The people at Eternal Rival were able to hit me up as soon as they processed my order and get the image as wanted it, and got it to me quickly. The most difficult process and putting it together was taking the masking tape off lol. Overall it feels like a quality box they were nice enough to supply a cable as well.

Amazing quality

Etsy Review - April 16, 2021

Amazing quality. Made capcom theme.

Can't praise this product enough

Etsy Review - May 8th 2021
Howard is the MAN!! Can't praise this product enough. Case came way sooner than I ever expected, super easy to assemble with clear instructions included. Artwork is perfect, i'm so happy with this buy

Marie Randall
The case was exactly what I was looking for

Etsy Review - May 17, 2021

The case was exactly what I was looking for, the build quality is amazing, and the print came out perfect. Would and will order from again!!!

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