Eternal Rival - Mid Tier Stickless Mini - Add Art in options

$ 39.99

Buttons Needed

Screw-on and Snap-in Compatible
REQUIRED - Snap in for the side buttons.

15x - 24mm

4 Utility buttons is for PS, Share, Start, Touch Key.

1x -30mm


Width -10.6in
Length - 
Height- 2.25in-2.50in

Side walls - 1 layer
Top and Bottom Panels - 2 Layers

Full cable kit with Brook Board - Just need buttons

List of Items needed

Brook Board


Long cable to console


Add-On - If needed

What's Included

  1. everything needed to build the enclosure
  2. PCB stands included (not included for Mid tier enclosure)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Vinh Bui
Very nice quality

It was a very nice quality of material with construction being quite easy. I did get one less nut for the mounting of the PCB but it wasn't anything too bothersome, and I got it replaced anyway. I found this case quite worth the price.

Solid Enclosure

The product arrived extremely fast after considering it's made to order. The inside fits everything tightly and does require to be either pressed down or to bend the pins in order to close the case. The overall build is extremely lightweight and compact, leaving just enough hand room for comfort while retaining its small-form-factor. The prints are high quality, as well. I have been pretty rough with the case and it is holding up extremely well. Customer support is excellent, too. Fast to respond and easy to talk to. Definitely will be taking this to locals if I ever attend any.

Nice case for a nice price

Had a marvelous customs stick I bought from eBay and switched it over too this case cause the size. Super easy too put together and good quality.

Andrew Hu
Solid, Compact, Affordable

I got the Matte White version with the USB-C addition, as the cost seems to be more or less the same as buying a Neutrik port from FocusAttack or whatever. Also, it's almost 2022, let's make everything USB-C lol.

Build is quite straightforward. It's a nice, compact box to hold buttons in with just enough space to rest your palms on it. I was really worried about it feeling chonky due to the listed 2.5" height, however, I believe that includes the rubber feet on the bottom. If we take that out of the equation, the box itself is about 2.25", which is more or less like a 2" binder, and it feels pretty good to carry around. I would recommend getting the taller version, just to avoid having to deal with cable issues.

As a first time stick builder, here are some things and tips I noticed:
The matte white version that I got had one side of the panel matte, and the other not matte. Probably pay a little bit of attention to this when constructing the box, so you don't need to take anything apart and redo it... just in case.
For people getting button art, note that the artwork inside the button might still spin as you're slapping buttons down the line. To prevent that, just take a bit of tape and fold it back between the art and button cap so it won't move anymore.
The following might be a screw-in button specific thing. I noticed there were some black specs on the art, and I think that's from the edges of the artwork being scraped as I was putting the screw buttons in/out. You might think of designing your art around this so no one will notice, or just not get screw-in buttons lol.

Brennan Ritchie
Nice little enclosure

Arrived quickly to the Midwest United States and was easy to assemble. Art print was good quality. I like the glossy finish on the stick. Very lightweight and portable, probably will serve as my new traveling controller as it fits more neatly into a backpack than my AFS enclosure. Recommend getting the standard height over slim if you plan on using a 20 pin harness, otherwise you will get the bottom bulging out. Not sure about durability but it seems fairly solid and its very lightweight. Only issue performance wise is I feel the side buttons could use some better placement, as I have hit them a few times on accident, though your mileage may vary. Due to my wiring configuration using a 20 pin harness, I am not able to relocate the buttons somewhere else. Overall it's very good and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants an affordable, easily customizable enclosure that strikes a good balance between size and portability but doesn't want to shell out for the Paradise MPress or Snackbox Micro. Very nice.

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