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How to save art for Eternal Rival to print

3 ways to prepare your file for upload

1. If you have an image and you don't have the tools to design, crop or resize the image you can upload it through our site and we will resize it for you. WE DO NOT DO ANY DESIGN. Only resize.

2. Upload your Photoshop file with all the layers and we will crop it and clean it up for print. Just don't flatten the template to your artwork

3. Upload your template art in jpg format. Follow these steps in Photoshop.

1. Finish preparing your art on the template.
2. Click on the crop tool. See image below.

crop 1

3. Crop the art from the outer line of the template. See image below
crop 2

4. Press enter
5. Hide the template in the layers panel. See Below

6.Time to save - File -> Save As . See below

7. A window will open at the bottom of the pop up window theres a drop down to save it as JPG. Be sure to name your file, and know where it's saved. See below

8. Now you can upload it to our site!