Eternal Rival -Mid Tier Hybrid X -Fightstick Enclosure - K Levers, J Levers, Snap-ins, and screw-on compatible

$ 69.99

Buttons Needed

6x - 24mm 

12 -30mm

Compatible with any flat bracket joystick. IL joysticks not compatible


Width - 15in
length - 9in
height - 2.5in

Side Walls - 1 Layers
Top Panels - 2 Layers can be upgraded to 3
Bottom Panels - 2 Layers can be upgraded to 3

How to:

You would need a JLF to All buttons cable. And the joystick connector cable without the quick disconnect connector on the end.

The 20pin connector will be used to connect the directional on the action buttons side.

The Joystick connector will go into the screw terminal.

For the ground wire, the daisy chain doesn't need to go with the corresponding buttons for the All buttons cable. I would clip off the tie straps to have more slack and connect it to the most reachable connector. Whatever is hard to reach you would use the the ground daisy from the 20 pin to fill in the missing connectors. Ground cables all go to the same place.

If you are using rocker switches it will get a bit tricky.

Customer Reviews

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Great build!

I wanted to build a crossup and came a cross eternal rival, not only did they customize it by adding a hole for my cable output(non neutrik) their customer service was always quick and responsive! Definitely worth the price!

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