Eternal Rival - Bantam Slim - 30mm Action- Add art in Options

$ 50.99 USD

Just a box/enclosure/case.


Width -13.125 in
Length -
Height- <1.23in without feet or pad underneath

Side walls - 1 layer
Top and Bottom Panels - 2 Layers

What's Included
  1. everything needed to build the enclosure
  2. Rubber USB grommet cover


  • Not Needed


Brook PCB


24mm CAU

30mm CAU

18mm Buttons

How to Wire


Add-On - If needed


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Customer Reviews

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Double Oh D
A Great Design

I have had my Bantam for 4 months and I no complaints. The design is simple but setup with just the space you need fit all the wires inside. It took me a couple tries putting it together because everything is snug, but that's just because the way I covered my wires. Overall a great design!

Get your wires and PCB

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