Eternal Rival - High Tier MX Keyboard Style Case - WASD PCB

$ 69.99

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Christian Bowman-Gould

Bought this for tekken slapped a brook ps3/4 board in it, and it's amazing. the enclosure only took an hour to put together. most of that time was spent peeling off the paper on the acrylic. if you want a mixbox and want to make it your own get this asap.

Michael Farrell
Sturdy case, feels high quality

Sturdy case, feels high quality and no creeks unlike other acrylic cases.

Quinlan Washington
Cheaper than purchasing the actual Mixbox fight stick.

Etsy Review on Mar 26, 2021

Anyone who is looking to buy/create their own version of a mix box should definitely purchase this item. Along with all the other pieces I had to purchase, I ended up paying around $250 which is $100 cheaper than purchasing the actual Mixbox fight stick.

Jonathan Thompson
Outstanding case. Even better customer service.

The case is great and very comfortable. The building process was easy as well. I would highly recommend trying out one of these cases as they are simple and built well. The customer service was great as well, and they were more than happy to assist me. If you are on the edge on buying one of these cases or any of the other ones on the shop, take the leap as you will not regret it!

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