Eternal Rival - High Tier Case - Stickless Enclosures - Add Art in Options

$ 69.99

No buttons, no pcb, no wires, no joystick included.

Common Case Questions

Outer Panel
Is what you see on the outside.

Inner Panel
Is what you see when you open it up the trim around the top and bottom panels.

Add panel weight?
Add extra 1-2lbs but adding an extra top and bottom middle panel. It makes the case heavier and taller. A panel is about 2-3mm thick

Custom Layout
Please contact us to see if it's possible. Custom Cuts are free.

What's Needed

This is a list that we recommend. There's different styles and ways to wire the pcb to the buttons and joystick. The recommended list is the EASIEST way.


Original Stickless

x1 30mm - Action (Top)
x11 24mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)

Shioken Star

x9 30mm - Action (Top)
x3 24mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)

Kit with board and cables

Full cable kit with Brook Board - Just need buttons

List of Items needed

Brook Board


Long cable to console


Add-On - If needed

What's Included

  1. everything needed to build the enclosure
  2. PCB stands included (not included for Mid tier enclosure)


Width - 15.25in
length - 8in
height - 2.25in - 2.5in
Weight - 3-4 lbs - nothing inside - can go up to 6lbs - with everything inside plus extra weight panels

Side Walls -2 Layer
Fightstick & Stickless - Top and bottom panels - 2 layers can be upgraded to 3
Keyboard Style - Top - 2 layers. Bottom Panels - 2 layers can be upgraded to 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mostly good but durability issues. *Edit* Excellent customer service

I was having a great time with this case until it accidentally slid off my lap on to the floor. Chunks of material broke of and the case cracked at various levels from a less than 1ft drop. So I'm really disappointed in the durability.

Update the company resolved the issue and sent me new pieces at no cost. I really appreciate them being up front and taking care of the issue. I figure I'll leave my original review there for refence but I have to say they turned an average experience into an excellent one.

I sent you an email. I can replace the panels for you. Thanks

Michael C
Excellent Service and Communication

Shop helped me with my build and was able to build a custom layout more to my preferences. The build looks excellent and feels sturdy, and the building process was very simple. Highly recommend.

Etsy Review by Quipmunk Aug 2, 2021
Amazing product.....

Customer service was amazing and got me what I needed. Amazing product too!

Sarah Scott
Awesome Construction Overall Amazing

Awesome Product. Good construction and great instructions for building. Nice overall finish and nice light way materials.

Great enclosure and support!

Case and print are perfect! The case feels great and very high quality. I was able to put it together as someone who's never touched fightsticks before with the detailed instructions. Support was extremely helpful and gave me a template for a southpaw split hitbox layout at my request, which they cut for no extra cost! Needless to say, I'm a very happy customer.

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