Eternal Rival: Colored Acylic - Stickless Enclosure

$ 99.99
Art Art and Plexi Cover:

Go Here for artwork options:

Pushbuttons, pcbs, joysticks, wiring or neutrik device are NOT INCLUDED

Outer Size - 15”x7.5”x2.011”
Inner height - 1.5”

D.I.Y Build

Colored Acrylic exterior and clear acrylic interior

Extras Included:
Brass Stand offs for Brook PCB
Build Instructions

Push Button Holes:
24mm - 17
30mm - 1

1x Neutrik Mounting hole

Button Layout
Original All buttons

Screw Push buttons for easy swap out
Snap-in for Utility Buttons
For permanent solution snap-in buttons will work

Black Anodized Screws Available for the black model, if you like it on the other style message us.

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