Eternal Rival - Mid Tier Case - Fightstick Enclosure Korean Levers, Japanese Levers, Snap-in or Screw On Pushbuttons

$ 54.99

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Samuel Switzer
Amazing case

Packaged and shipped from California to Ontario in 2 weeks. Well worth the price, cheapest option I could find without cutting the acrylic myself. Came with everything listed and instructions. 10/10 will buy again.

Build quality and packaging were fantastic.

Etsy Review - February 20,2021

Build quality and packaging were fantastic.
Seller worked with me to make an adjustment
Seller worked with me on an additional part [I specifically] needed.
A+++ would easily order from again. Seller is very communicative if there are questions and was very patient with my requests.

Tyler Betts
Great for a 1st timer

Been using this enclosure heavily since completing it. I've opened it and changes parts now more than I can remember. Was very easy to work on and easy to work in if you are an into customization. I think I would recommend getting the upgrade for the double top and and bottom layer for weight as this is pretty light. An alternative would be to not get a clear bottom and get the neoprene pads for grip as this tends to move on my with tiger knee inputs.


Best value on the market. The edge where your hand rests is a bit sharp but I gave it a light sanding with a dremel and 30 seconds later it was pretty much perfect. I should also mention they were very accommodating to my limited knowledge of art template making. If you want an acrylic case these are your guys.

I love this company and their products.

antxnee321 on Feb 20, 2021- Etsy Review

I bought this case to replace an acrylic one that I broke. This is made out of MDF and it’s better in every way. Less bulky, sturdier, easier to build, and looks amazing. I paid $70 after shipping and tax and you can’t beat that price anywhere. I’m stoked on this thing

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