Eternal RIval: All Buttons Aluminum Top Acrylic Fightstick Enclosure

$ 99.99 $ 119.99

Pushbuttons, pcbs, joysticks, wiring or netutrik device are NOT INCLUDED. Sorry no customizations.

Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminium Panel (1mm thickness)
Outer Size - 15”x7.5”x2.011”
Inner height - 1.5”

D.I.Y Build

Extras Included:
Brass Stand offs for Brook PCB
Build Instructions

Push Button Holes:
24mm  - 11+ 6
30mm - 1

1x Neutrik Mounting hole

Screw Push buttons for easy Swap out
Snap in for Utility Buttons
For permanent solution snap in buttons will work

Black Anodized Screws Available for the black model, if you like it on the other style message us.

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