Eternal Rival - S Rank Stickless Enclosure - Add Art in Options

$ 74.99

No buttons, no pcb, no wires, no joystick included.

Common Case Questions

Outer Panel
Is what you see on the outside.

Inner Panel
Is what you see when you open it up the trim around the top and bottom panels.

Add panel weight?
Add extra 1-2lbs but adding an extra top and bottom middle panel. It makes the case heavier and taller. A panel is about 2-3mm thick

Custom Layout
Please contact us to see if it's possible. Custom Cuts are free.

What's Needed

This is a list that we recommend. There's different styles and ways to wire the pcb to the buttons and joystick. The recommended list is the EASIEST way.


Original Stickless

x1 30mm - Action (Top)
x11 24mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)

Shioken Star

x9 30mm - Action (Top)
x3 24mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)

Kit with board and cables

Full cable kit with Brook Board - Just need buttons

List of Items needed

Brook Board


Long cable to console


Add-On - If needed

What's Included

  1. everything needed to build the enclosure
  2. PCB stands included (not included for Mid tier enclosure)


Width - 15in
length - 9in
height - 2.25in - 2.5in
Weight - 3-4 lbs - nothing inside - can go up to 6lbs - with everything inside plus extra weight panels

Side Walls -2 Layer
Fightstick & Stickless - Top and bottom panels - 3 Layers
Keyboard Style - Top - 2 layers. Bottom Panels - 2 layers can be upgraded to 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tan Thu
Very good case

Smooth outer shell, good quality and durability. Had some trouble fitting the wiring but very good overall.

First hitbox build

The quality on everything is amazing, way past my expectations for the price. Easy to put together with simple instructions.

Awesome case, 2 small downsides

In description, it says the case is compatible with both snap in and screw on buttons, however my 30mm seimitsu snap in does not quite snap in (my 24mm are all screw-ons so I can't speak to those but I imagine the 24mm snap ins may be similar at least for seimitsu buttons) It does sit tightly enough in there to not be an issue once it's assembled, however when I've got it opened up, any amount of pressure from the bottom will push the button right on out, stick to screw-ons.

Only other complaint is that the top rim of the plexi above the utility cutout area feels a little flimsy as it's separated enough from the main part and not close enough to any of the corner screws. Again though, functionally fine, just don't toy with it too much.

Besides those two bits, this case is absolutely fantastic. Looks great, and I love my choice of the gloss white. I would definitely recommend eternal rival cases.

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