Eternal Rival - S Rank Stickless Enclosure - Add Art in Options

$ 79.99 USD

What is this?

This is only an enclosure. No buttons, joystick, and PCB. Only the plastic panels and the items needed to build the box. All the components needed you will need to get separately, whether it’s on our website or elsewhere.

What's a stickless controller?

A button layout that simulates a keyboard. So no joystick.

Why are there 6 buttons above the main layout?

It was design this way for easy access to fighting game training mode options.

It’s like building a computer.

All the components are sold separately. Depending on how much you want to  spend you can trick out your fightstick with the best components around, or just bare minimum to play arcade games.

What is made out of?

The enclosure is made out of cast acrylic (plastic).

The case is fragile. We do not recommend dropping it or throwing it against the wall. It can easily crack if you are careless with it.

Is it easy to build?

Yes. It's kind of like IKEA furniture. Manual included. No Glue needed.

Why do I need this?

  • DIY. Fun to build.
  • Start with an open canvas, there's no need to deal with low quality stock components and color buttons you don’t want.
  • Customizable
  • Add art!
  • Play arcade games.


Width -15in
length - 9in
height - 2.25in - 2.5in
Weight - 3-4 lbs - nothing inside - can go up to 6lbs - with everything inside plus extra weight panels

Side Walls -2 Layer
Keyboard Style - Top - 3 layers. Bottom Panels - 2 layers can be upgraded to 3

Case options

  • What is individual button style and trim button style?
  • If I select trim style to match inner panels what does it look like?
  • Individual Button style is a one color case.
  • What is feet with flush mount?
    • The bottom of the case will allow you to flush mount the bottom or install rubber feet (hardware included)

Component Wiring and PCB Kits – (Stickless)

  • Kits are available on our store that has all the inner components on one product listing.  Can find it here. THE KIT DOES NOT COME WITH BUTTONS AND JOYSTICKS.
  • For Buttons here

Needs main action buttons needed for fightstick

    1. 11x 24mm buttons
    2. 1x 30mm buttons
  • Shioken Star
    1. 9x 30mm buttons
    2. 3x 24mm button
  • Screw-on and snap in are compatible
  • Does not fit Euro/Happ style buttons

Needs AUX Buttons (above main layout)

  • The AUX/UTILITY buttons fit 24mm buttons. Total 6.
  • Screw-on and snap in are compatible
  • Does not fit Euro/Happ style buttons

Needs Brook PCB (chip/brain)

  • The PCB is where all the buttons and the joystick are connected to. Which then outputs to a console(s) of your choice by USB connection.
  • Enclosures fit any Brook Fighting Board PCB
  • Any PCB that is not a Brook will need adhesive stands
  • Mounting holes and hardware are included for free. (can be upgraded)

Needs Passthrough

  • Passthrough device is located on the front panel where you disconnect the wire from the case. It’s mounted on the enclosure
  • Our cases can fit any of these 2 passthroughs
    1. USB C Adafruit
    2. Neutrik

Needs Wiring (stickless)

  • 20pin wire connector. Connects to the pcb --- which connects to the main action buttons, share, home, start and the joystick. Ground wire must be connected to each connector on the button (does not matter which prong).
  • L3/R3/TK wire connector. Connects to the analog stick buttons the touch key.
  • Short Printer cable. Connects to the PCB and Passthrough
  • Long (Printer or USB C to USB A) cable . Connects to Passthrough to console.
  • Stickless Cable

How do I wire this together?

Here is a diagram. Click here

Optional Add-On


If you knowingly violate copyright by printing copyrighted photos for personal use, you are liable to pay damages to the copyright owner. If the image is registered with the copyright office you may be required to pay statutory damages and all attorney fees. By ordering from Eternal Rival and accepting our Terms of Service you accept responsibility for ensuring you have proper permission and license to reproduce the image. Sometimes it is as easy as simply asking! Many photo studios, or artist will hand you a release to copy the prints you buy if you ask for it, and if you purchase hi-res files from your photographer or artist they will likely also include a release. Some places may want to charge extra for this or they may not allow it at all, preferring to have you order all copies and products directly through them.

We value your privacy we now do not share on our social accounts or keep or archive or reproduce. If it is for personal use, it is best to keep it as personal use. Share at your discretion. In good faith we trust you the customer to have approve permission, or licensed artwork once uploaded as well as following copyright and infringement laws. We also have the right to deny any print if we feel it violates anyone’s rights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
S-Rank Leverless

Custom button layout turned out great, one of the best when it comes to layout options. Sturdy and has good weight when constructed, also button acoustics are decently muted in this case. Overall very good for a DIY.

Panna Ong
Awesome product!

This is my 3rd enclosure from ER! Awesome product!

Amazing enclosure

This is a really good case. To me it's the perfect size for hand position. Easy to build.

Quick advices: have some M3 1.2mm for the Neutrik. 1mm is too short. And for individual utility button, only the 24 seimitsu screw will fit snuggly.
Sanwa are just a little bit too big and clip are too short.
I really love this case !

Awesome Case and Great Customer Service

Love way the case looks, especially with the trim button style for the utility buttons. I had one question, and they responded very quickly and were very helpful

Really enjoying it

It’s a great enclosure. It comes with instructions and was stacked in the order it goes together.

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