Eternal Rival - Bantam Slim Stickless Mini - 24mm Action- Add art in Options

$ 50.99 USD

Just a box/enclosure/case.


Width -10.69 in
Length -
Height- <1.23in without feet or pad underneath

Side walls - 1 layer
Top and Bottom Panels - 2 Layers

What's Included
  1. everything needed to build the enclosure


  • Included USB B Male to B Female. From Brook to Console Cable


Brook PCB


24mm CAU

30mm CAU

18mm Buttons

How to Wire


Add-On - If needed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Value With A Slim Design

This was one of the few DIY slim all button controllers that use standard Sanwa parts as opposed to keyboard switches. Obviously there are other similar designs in a slim form factor, but this is one where you can just hook up a Brook UFB and even add a UP5 (for PS5 compatibility) for future proofing your controller.

This was my first all button controller build and I wanted something much smaller than my current 6-7lbs arcade stick. Since there is no joystick, it doesn't have to be quite as heavy to be stable in your lap or on a table. Not sure how much the Bantam Slim Stickless Mini weighs, but probably less than 2 lbs (>1kg)? This is very portable and overall its a great starter all button controller. Build was easy and everything came together nicely. Great value and Eternal Rival was quick to respond in inquiries I had.

水野 孝彦

Eternal Rival - Bantam Slim Stickless Mini - 24mm Action- Add art in Options


What a awesome case! Sturdy and SLIM!! Great customizability, easy to assemble and you can keep the sanwa buttons in a slim case! Snack what? Wiring is a pain bc there is very little space but can be done. Custom sleeved wiring is harder to accomplish because of the CAU connectors. I decided to not sleeve my wiring. photo included. The artwork template is slightly miss aligned with the buttons and the cut. A button ring wont be perfectly centered with the buttons. So you got to go without button rings on your artwork but that isn't a big deal to me. you can see what I mean in the photo I posted. The rubber feet really grabs and it does not slide around on your desk. I am running a pi pico for the board. I was able to find a adafruit micro usb replacement passthrough cable for the case ( part - adafruit 937).

Overall this is a really stunning, sturdy slim case and I am loving it!! THANK YOU ETERNAL RIVAL!!

Good Experience Overall

This was my first time building any kind of arcade controller. I was looking for an enclosure with all of the necessary components included with the order as well. Emailing Eternal Rival I received a prompt reply with a list of the components I would need to order for a successful build. Got my order fairly promptly, there was a small issue with it which was rectified very quickly. Not a huge deal since I live nearby meaning shipping was fast and I spread my build out over a few days. At first I was surprised at how lightweight everything was, but once assembled actually feels like it has a decent amount of heft. It's not as solid as metal etc. but fine plus lighter weight makes it easier to carry and store. I think they sell plates to put on the bottom to make it heavier if you want.

So, going into the assembly process. Instructions were included which were quite helpful, however it referenced instructions for hooking up the Brook board to components and said they were included but they were not. Was able to download those from Brook's website. Even as a reasonably technical person, it was a bit daunting to figure out which wire was supposed to go where but figured it out in reasonable time. The main thing is that each button has a voltage input plus one ground. Knowing this up front makes it much easier to complete the build. Overall things went together smoothly and I tested the stick at each milestone (when the direction buttons are wired, the punches, then the kicks, then the start/select/etc). One comment is some of the grammar in the instructions was barely comprehensible. No issues with typos etc. but a review on some of them might be a good idea.

I'm pretty happy with my stick in the end. Being able to customize the look is great and worth the effort. It might be nice if when you order the enclosure there were drop downs to add all of the necessary components so an email is not required, this might help the owner get more sales in this day and age of instant one cart shopping.

Get your wires and PCB

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