Eternal Rival - S Rank Fighstick Enclosure - Add Art in Options

$ 74.99

No buttons, no pcb, no wires, no joystick included.

Common Case Questions

Outer Panel
Is what you see on the outside.

Inner Panel
Is what you see when you open it up the trim around the top and bottom panels.

Add panel weight?
Add extra 1-2lbs but adding an extra top and bottom middle panel. It makes the case heavier and taller. A panel is about 2-3mm thick

Custom Layout
Please contact us to see if it's possible. Custom Cuts are free.

What's Needed

This is a list that we recommend. There's different styles and ways to wire the pcb to the buttons and joystick. The recommended list is the EASIEST way.


Compatible with Screw-on and Snap-in

x8 30mm - Action (Top)
x6 24mm - Utility (Side)


Kit with board and cables

Full cable kit with Brook Board - Just need buttons and or Joystick

List of Items needed

Brook Board


Long cable to console


Add-On - If needed

What's Included

  1. Joystick mounting screws
  2. everything needed to build the enclosure
  3. PCB stands included (not included for Mid tier enclosure)


Width -15in
length - 9in
height - 2.25in - 2.5in
Weight - 3-4 lbs - nothing inside - can go up to 6lbs - with everything inside plus extra weight panels

Side Walls -2 Layer
Fightstick & Stickless - Top - 3 panels
Fightstick & Stickless - Bottom - 2 Panels Can be upgraded to 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great case!

Very sturdy and has a nice weight to it without being too heavy. Great price. Looks awesome. I'd give it 4.5 stars but assembly is a bit of a chore. I dont see anyway to avoid it since it's probably shipped the way it is to protect the pieces and keep the costs down but removing the protective coating is pretty time consuming. I also wish the sides were a bit more secure when the bottom plate is removed since I like to tinker with my cases. But overall a great alternative to more expensive metal cases!

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